1:1 Workshops

Ticket Bookings

How do I book my ticket?

Click the links below to your preferred workshop day and follow the prompts to reserve your time.

There is a maximum of 8 tickets per workshop. This allows our staff to provide more personal support for each family attending

If you have twins, you will only need to purchase 1 ticket

Day 1 - Tuesday 21st January

Day 2 - Wednesday 22nd January

On Tuesday 21st January and Wednesday 22nd January 2020, we will be holding our 1:1 workshop sessions to setup your child’s iPad for the 2020 1:1 Program.

What’s involved in the 1:1 workshop:

What to bring to the workshop:

  • Your child

  • The iPad and optional keyboard & pencil (if purchased)

  • For ZuluDesk Parent: A device you can access the email address you have provided to the school. This is what is used to setup your parent account prior to the workshops.

  • For Apple Family Sharing: Your personal Apple device to be able to setup family sharing if this is not done prior to the workshop. For non-Apple users, we can help you setup a safe Apple ID for your child.

 *** Important! Please Read ***

Please read the relevant section below before you attend your workshop.

Did you buy your iPad from our portal? Read below:

The only thing we recommend you do before your workshop is to turn your iPad on and set it up. During the setup phase you will be asked to install St Simon Peter’s profile. This will join the iPad to ZuluDesk.

You can setup your iPad as you like, including Apple IDs, Mail etc.

Are you bringing your own iPad NOT PURCHASED FROM OUR PORTAL? Read below:

  • Does your iPad meet our minimum requirements? This will be checked at your workshop

  • Has the iPad had the latest iOS update installed?

  • Please check if the iPad needs to install any updates before your workshop. This is found in the Settings App > General > Software Update

On arrival at your workshop (Non-portal purchases only):

The iPad will be wiped clean. All photos, apps etc will be erased so that ZuluDesk can install the management profile. Without this profile you will not be able to manage your child’s iPad outside school hours

If you have a passcode set or Apple ID signed into iCloud, please respectively turn it off and sign out prior to your workshop.

Ensure you have your photos, apps and any other data on the iPad is backed up to iCloud before your workshop. You may lose these during the wiping process and St Simon Peter takes no responsibility for the loss of your data.

We want to thank you for your support throughout our 1:1 journey. We are really excited to begin our second year with the program and look forward to seeing you at one of the workshops next year.