The St Simon Peter Canteen was originally started in 1989 by a group of dedicated parents whose ethos was that no child would ever be without a healthy meal whilst attending school.

During the following 10 years more parents contributed their time and expertise to construct a canteen at no cost to the school community. This canteen project epitomised the spirit of partnership between home and school.

Over the years the canteen has won many awards for food excellence, innovative menus and healthy nutrition. St Simon Peter School Canteen is a member of the WA Canteen Association.

Sadly, the original canteen was destroyed by fire on April 1st 2001. However, rebuilding was swift and we now have a beautifully reconstructed canteen. New and old friends are welcome to come in and volunteer to become part of the new modern canteen.

The canteen is staffed by a manageress, two assistants and as many volunteers as possible. Approximately 300 meals are served each day from Tuesday to Friday.

Orders can be placed either in person at the Canteen or online via Quickcliq before 9.00am.  Initially you will need to set up an online account which can be done by following the link:

Children from Year 3 upwards are able to purchase various recess items, including daily and weekly specials, during recess and lunch.  These items are listed on Canteen Menu. 

The menu can be accessed via the the link:  Canteen Menu

All lunch orders must be pre-ordered prior to 9.00am each day.

Special Meal Deals will be offered throughout the year, with plenty of notification sent out via the Schoolzine App.