Friends Of SSP

A coalition of parents and friends

The Friends of St Simon Peter teams work in cooperation with the Catholic School Advisory Council as the two main parent representative groups of the school.


Within the framework of a collaborative structure, the Friends of SSP is able to take advantage of the wide range of experience, talent, goodwill, and energy in the school community to develop a greater awareness of the School’s ethos and operation; raise additional funds to augment school programs, build a spirit of community and provide support for school activities. Friends of SSP is a representative body through which parents can help the school fulfill its educational responsibilities and to ensure that the spirit of Christian cooperation prevails in the context of the school’s mission and vision.

Structure of Friends of SSP

The Friends of SSP meets 2 times per Term on Thursday of Week 2 and Week 7 at 7 p.m. in the staffroom, but please check the calendar as these sometimes require moving due to issues outside our control.

The FSSP operates under the Terms of Reference for P&F's. A copy of these can be found following:

Election to join the FSSP committee are held annually at the Annual Community Meeting. All positions become vacant and committee members are elected to form the new committee. Office bearers are selected by the elected members.

Please use the following form to contact the FSSP committee:

Meeting Updates

Fundraising Events 2024


The aims of HOPE are:

  • To provide opportunities for social interaction for parents and children.
  • To encourage and support new members of the community to feel welcome in our school and participate in school activities.
  • To support school community members in times of need.