Friends of SSP

A coalition of parents, staff and friends

The Friends of St Simon Peter teams work in cooperation with the School Board which has responsibility for the school’s financial management and capital development.


Within the framework of a collaborative structure, the Friends of SSP is able to take advantage of the wide range of experience, talent, goodwill and energy in the school community to develop a greater awareness of the School’s ethos and operation; raise additional funds to augment school programs, build a spirit of community and provide support for school activities. Friends of SSP is a representative body through which parents can help the school fulfil its educational responsibilities and to ensure that the spirit of Christian cooperation prevails in the context of the school’s mission and vision.

Structure of Friends of SSP

The Friends of SSP operates with teams which includes a School Representative that meet regularly. They are:


Catering and Hospitality

The Convenor and School Representative from each team form an overall Executive Team that meets at an agreed time each term with the Principal.