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Newsletter 8 – Week 6, Term 2 - Wednesday 31 May 2017

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What is Respect?

Respect can mean different things to different people. But basically, respect means to show regard or consideration for someone or something. It is critical for our children to understand the importance of respect, so that they can communicate effectively with others throughout their lives. It is important to distinguish between respect and obedience. A child may obey you simply because they are afraid of you or afraid of doing the wrong thing. However, when a child understands that your rules and disciplinary actions are ultimately for his/her own good, they will obey you because they respect you.

Equally important, self-respect means to hold proper esteem or regard for the dignity of one's character. The virtue of self-respect allows children to feel good about themselves and will help them to achieve their goals.

How Respect is Learned

The best way to teach your child about respect is for you to show respect to yourself, your child, and others. Kids are greatly influenced throughout their day by adults – whether it be a parent, teacher, or coach. Observing respectful adult behaviour helps your child learn the value of respect and how to use it to their advantage.

What we are seeing at SSP

At SSP we are having a focus on respect and are working on improving it. Some of the behaviours we are witnessing are extremely disrespectful. For example:

  • Last week faeces were smeared all over the floor in the senior boys’ toilets;

  • Students trying to “blow up” a ball with the pump at the sports shed;
  • Students being asked to pick up rubbish and responding with, “it’s not mine”;
  • Students ignoring the teacher and wandering around the classroom;
  • Running straight in front of adults walking through our school; and
  • Speaking rudely to peers and staff.

We need your help at home and appreciate your support in encouraging respectful behaviour.


Fun Run

Our major fundraising activity this year will be a Fun Run. This will be held on the morning of SSP Day activities, Friday 30 June. The fundraising stalls will be on after lunch that day.

The Fun Run is a great opportunity to do something healthy whilst also raising funds for our school. The bonus for students is that if they raise $10.00 or more they get to choose a prize in recognition of the funds they raise. A booklet will be sent home with each child with clear instructions on how to set up your online fundraising – this way you don’t need to worry about sending cash into school!

Please read the booklet carefully and keep your eye out for reminders.

HBF Run for a Reason

Congratulations to Gemma Nunn of 3L who ran the 12km HBF Run for a Reason on Sunday 28 May in a time of 1 hour and 48 minutes.

Gemma was running to raise funds for a very sick friend who urgently needs treatment overseas. She has helped contribute more than $2,000 towards the $5,000 raised so far. I am sure you will agree this is an incredible achievement and such a worthy cause.

Here are some photos including the highlight of running through the Graham Farmer Tunnel


Winter Carnival

The Year 6 students are involved in a Winter Sports Lightning Carnival on Friday 9 June and each team needs a parent supervisor to participate. No refereeing duties are required, the teams just need some help getting from ground to ground on time and rotating substitutions so that everyone gets to participate fully on the day. Two netball teams and a girls’ soccer team still require parent helpers, so if you can help please email Mr Thompson at

Board Update - May/June 2017

It’s amazing that we are zooming through this term already and when you see all the students in winter uniform it means summer is officially over.

The Board would like to extend congratulations and thanks to those Year 3 and Year 5 students who have recently worked through the NAPLAN tests. This is an important gauge of how the school is tracking to the curriculum and the conduct and behaviour of students has been very good.

At a recent Board meeting we again discussed the 1:1 program and progress with the research into how other schools have found the transition. The feedback is encouraging and there will be an update at the forthcoming Parent Forums.

The Board also went on a tour of the school to see the outcomes of some of the Capital & Maintenance investment. There is a marked difference between those refreshed classrooms and the existing set up and we are very excited to support the continued investment in moving to the 21st Century classroom.

Further updates to follow but if you have any questions for the Board please feel free to contact us.


Parish News

Vincent’s Project for The Homeless

Vincent is an 11 year old boy from Sacred Heart College who recently spoke at a parish Mass. Four years ago he decided to help the homeless of Perth by providing them with packs of toiletries and comfort items. Since 2013, he has helped 2,230 people. Packs have reached as far north as Paraburdoo as well as Northam and around Perth. The target for 2017 is 1,500 packs and they are desperately short of deodorant.

Please help Vincent help others by sending in deodorant for both males and females.

For Parish information and dates please click on the following link: