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Newsletter 9 – Week 8, Term 2 - Wednesday 14 June 2017

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Code of Conduct

As of 1 January 2017, all Catholic schools are required to have a Code of Conduct. The purpose of which is to describe minimum standards of conduct in all behaviour and decision making to ensure the safety and well-being of students. This Code applies to all staff, students, volunteers, parents and guardians as applicable. The term ‘parents’ includes guardians.

Breaches of the Code must be notified to the Principal and it is a breach of the Code not to do so.

There are twelve statements in the Code. Each newsletter going forward, will contain information about these statements.

Conduct Statement 1

You act safely and competently

  • You are expected to put the safety of students ahead of every other relevant but secondary consideration
  • In doing so you are expected to act within the scope of your expertise and role within the school community
  • You perform duties in partnership with parents and school staff and in accordance with the standards of your profession or industry (Teacher’s Registration Board)

Conduct Statement 2

You give priority to students’ safety and well-being in all your behaviour and decision making

  • You accept the you and all adults have individual and joint responsibility for the safety and well-being of students
  • You support the safety, health and well-being of each student, promoting and supporting decisions and behaviour that contribute to the students’ self-confidence , safety and well-being



SSP's main form of communication going forward will be via the Schoolzine App. If you have previously downloaded SZapp, but have not created an account, please ensure that you register within SZapp, so that we are able to send you one on one communication.

Kindergarten 2019 Enrolments

We are now starting to process our enrolments for Kindergarten for 2019.

If you have a child born between 1 July 2014 and 30 June 2015 and you have not yet submitted your child's application, we urge you to do so by submitting an Expression of Interest form to our admin office at, as soon as possible, to avoid disappointment. An Expression of Interest Form can be accessed by clicking on the link below:

Lost Property – Pay it Forward

The school’s new lost property procedure is now in full swing. All items which have been labelled are being returned to their owners, via the class folder. To locate any lost property items please look in the lost property box located outside student services / sick bay or contact Nicki on 9301 6848 or via email

Lost property will remain within the designated area for two weeks. Items are then advertised on the Parents and Reminders Facebook page for a further period of two weeks to encourage collection. We recommend you sign up on Facebook to see if any of the lost property posted on the Facebook page belongs to your child.

Any items that are not collected within the above timeframe will be donated to the new HOPE initiative “Pay it Forward”. Any queries relating to this initiative can be directed to the HOPE representative, Siska McGuinness by calling 0404 089 930.

At the end of Week 10 of this Term all lost property will be taken by Siska and added to the parent reminder Facebook page where it can be claimed.

Could you remind your children not to take lost property that does not belong to them, regardless of whether it has a name on it or not? The lost property box is checked regularly so, if your child's uniform is labelled, please ask Nurse Nicki in Student Services if it is in the class folder waiting to go back to class.

Please thoroughly check in your child's school bag for any property that may not belong to them and return it as soon as possible? Many items are going missing which is quite upsetting and gets expensive for parents to replace items.


Following discussions with the City of Joondalup last Friday we have agreed that parents should start accessing our Kiss N Ride areas each day after 2.50pm and NOT before. Queuing started at 2.30pm today in Senior Kiss n Ride. Why so early I ask? This is a reminder that parking on Prendiville Ave at this time will attract an infringement from the City of Joondalup.

Parents must adhere to all other parking and Council regulations in and around the school at all times. Rangers and Police will be monitoring this arrangement to ensure maximum safety and care for our students. This means parking on any part of a walkway/path will be closely monitored and infringements written.


Parent Forums 2017

Thank you to all the parents who attended our Parent Forums this year; numbers were disappointing compared to previous years and as a result the Leadership Team are looking at different ways in which we can engage with our school community.

At the Parent Forums, information was presented about the three year 1:1 Program being piloted in Year 4 in 2018, Protective Behaviours, Lead Learners, Code of Conduct and the Nude your Food initiative.

Please keep an eye out for the link on the Schoolzine App to hear our social worker Laura Pope’s presentation on Protective Behaviours.

Parents who are interested in attending the three-hour workshop on cyber safety and protective behaviours, which will be run by Protective Behaviours WA, please see the attached flyer for details and follow the link below for bookings:

Lightning Carnival

Last Friday our students from Year 6 took part in the annual Interschool Lightning Carnival. We had approximately 200 students training before this event and about 100 competing in 4 different sports at the carnival and they have enjoyed the opportunity to compete against each other and against other schools. There were a number of parent helpers in the weeks leading up to the carnival and at the carnival itself and their time and efforts are greatly appreciated. The students’ sportsmanship and behaviour were both of a high standard and all the teachers involved were very happy with the enthusiasm displayed on the day. Team results are presented below and are impressive again this year with Boys’ Soccer A undefeated (fifth year in a row for this team!). The Boys’ Soccer B team had a tough day results wise but they played with enthusiasm and managed some laughs as well! Well done everyone and thank you again to all parent coaches, helpers and spectators.




Boys’ Footy




Boys’ Soccer A




Boys’ Soccer B




Girls’ Soccer




Netball A




Netball B




Cross Country Carnival

We will be holding our annual Cross Country Carnival this Friday, 16 June 2017. Please click on the link below to access all the information you will need about the carnival and for the timetable for the day. Any parents wishing to volunteer to help out on the day, please contact Mr Lee Thompson via email at


LifeLink Appeal

Last Wednesday the Year 6 Social Justice Committee travelled to Newman College for the Archbishop’s official launch of his annual LifeLink Appeal. 73 of the 90 Catholic Primary Schools in Perth were represented at the launch. They delivered handmade hearts from the children of SSP which featured drawings and messages for those in need. LifeLink provide ongoing financial and promotion support of agencies established or assisted by the church.

Each year over 34,000 people in WA are supported by LifeLink, there were over 40,000 hearts on display. These hearts will be spread over the lawns of the St Mary’s Cathedral on Saturday 17 June, and be on display in the week leading up to the celebration of the Feast of the Sacred Heart on Friday 23 June.

Some of the money raised on SSP Day will be donated to LifeLink.

Parish News

For Parish information and dates please click on the following link: