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Newsletter 14 – Week 8, Term 3 - Wednesday 6 September 2017

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Code of Conduct Continued

As of 1 January 2017, all Catholic schools are required to have a Code of Conduct. The purpose of which is to describe minimum standards of conduct in all behaviour and decision making to ensure the safety and well-being of students. This Code applies to all staff, students, volunteers, parents and guardians as applicable. The term ‘parents’ includes guardians.

Breaches of the Code must be notified to the Principal and it is a breach of the Code not to do so.

Each newsletter going forward, contains information about these statements. Please take a moment to read Statements 7 and 8 below:

Conduct Statement 7

You give and seek the best, honest and most accurate information about the education and care of students.


  • You give and seek accurate advice relevant to the education, safety and well-being of students, based on primary rather than secondary sources.
  • You fully explain the advantages and disadvantages of any options so all involved can participate constructively in decision making to deliver the best results for the student.
  • You accurately represent the role you play in the education, safety and well-being of students.
  • Where the education, safety or well-being of a student requires expert knowledge or experience, you seek these out for the benefit of the student.
  • You seek out first hand sources of information directly from parents, colleagues and experts, or in documents and policies when making decisions or giving advice rather than relying on hearsay, opinion, rumour or assumptions.

Conduct Statement 8

You support all members of the school community in making informed decisions about students.


  • You recognise that parents are the first educators of their children and equal partners in the education of students.
  • You understand that each member of the school community has skills, experience and knowledge that may be a unique resource that can be directed to towards the safety and well-being of students.
  • You actively share information about students with their parents and the Principal so that they may make informed decisions about students. You listen to everyone with courtesy and respect.
  • You treat the opinions of parents and school staff about the education and well-being of students with respect and dignity, even if you do not agree with it or believe it is misinformed or misguided.
  • You use plain language with appropriate style, tone and level in your written or verbal communication, particularly when expressing technical or expert advice, and you actively seek confirmation that you have been understood.
  • You engage with all parents equally and fairly, regardless of their relationship status, mindful that, in the absence of court orders to the contrary, each parent has equal and joint parental responsibility for their child. You do not allow your opinion about the behaviour of parents to prevent you from engaging openly and honestly with each of them about their child’s education.
  • You continue to inform and engage with a parent about the education and well-being of their child on the assumption that it is in the student’s best interests to do so, regardless of the parent’s level of engagement with you or the child. You respect any decision by a parent to disengage with you or their child, and you remain open to re-engage in the future.
  • You act to strengthen, preserve, restore and promote positive relationships between the student and their parents, family members, and those significant to the student, regardless of any breakdown in these relationships.
  • You do not use the behaviour of either parent as a reason for denying them or their child access to information or support from the school that are in the best interests of the student, unless doing so would place the student or school community at risk of harm.

Learning Journeys & Visual Arts Display

Tuesday 12 September between 3.30pm and 6.00pm the classrooms will be open for families to visit and see the wonderful work the children have been involved in. Parents are encouraged to wander through classrooms other than those of their children to see how technology has been used as an accelerator for deep learning. There will also be a Visual Arts Display in the hall, where every child will have a piece of work displayed.


Father’s Day Breakfast & Mass


It was wonderful to see all the Dads and Grandads at our annual Father’s Day Breakfast. A huge thank you to Trish and Lisa in the canteen for all their preparation in cooking the bacon and eggs for over 400 muffins and to the generosity of the staff who helped set up on Wednesday afternoon and came in early on Thursday morning to assist with the breakfast. This year we trialled a later Mass and it was wonderful to have the Dads reading with their children. The children sang beautifully and it was a great celebration of the Eucharist honouring our Dads and Grandads.

Annual Community Meeting – Save the Date

There has been a change of date for this meeting to be one week later. The Annual Community Meeting will now take place on Tuesday 14 November 2017 from 7.00pm in the Hall. We look forward to seeing a representative from each family at the meeting.

School Disco - Save the Date

A school disco will be held on Thursday 9 November 2017 in Fr Simon Carson Hall. More details will be provided closer to the date.

School Nurse

We welcome Nurse Amanda (Amanda Durrell) to our school. Amanda is replacing Nurse Nicki who has taken leave to have hip replacement surgery.

Free Parent Workshop

Please click on the link below to find out about the free parent workshop that Health Services are hosting on Monday 18 September at 9.00am in the hall.

Departure Notification

Are you leaving SSP at the end of this year? If you have a child in a class other than Year 6 and you won’t be returning to SSP in 2018, you are required to advise us, as soon as possible, as there are a number of families on our waiting lists requiring places. These details can be emailed to

The school’s policy states any student leaving the school needs to provide a term’s notice in writing, addressed to the Principal. Failure to provide sufficient notice may mean you will be liable to pay fees for Term 1 2018.

Vacation Care Program

Did you know St Simon Peter Catholic Primary School operates a Vacation Care program? Our Vacation Care operates under the Approval of the Catholic Education Commission WA. The program is run by Qualified Educators who all hold current First Aid, Asthma and Anaphylaxis qualifications.

The program is approved for Child Care Benefit and Child Care Rebate which reduces the cost of fees for families. Our exciting program is filled with incursions, excursions and fun in house days. Breakfast, morning tea and afternoon tea are all included. For further information please call Nicole Harley on 9301 6857 or email

Graduation Bears, Soccer Balls and AFL Balls


It will very soon be that time of the year when our Year 6 students will enjoy their last term here at SSP, before graduating.

Students will again be able to order graduation bears ($20.00 each), graduation soccer balls ($15.00 each) and/or AFL balls ($15.00 each). Items are all on display in the Uniform shop. To avoid disappointment, please make sure you place your order at the Uniform shop on or before 31 October. We do not keep these items in stock, so if you would like one, they must be pre-ordered.


School Cyclic Review

St Simon Peter will be involved in a Cyclic Review on Monday 11 & Tuesday 12 September. This is conducted in the school by a panel of people chosen by CEWA. The 4 members of the interview panel are Greg Martin (Principal at St Columba’s Bayswater), Norman Brahim (CEWA), Maria Outtrim (CEWA) and Dan Wood (School Improvement Advisor).

Various members of our school and parish community have also been selected to take part in this process. Its purpose is to check in with us on our school improvement journey. Questions and conversations with students, parents, staff and parish assist the panel to write a report on progress made with our school improvement journey with some recommendations looking forward to the next 3 years.

Class List

Following a very successful trial of the class list process used for this year, our school leadership team has decided to continue with this same process for 2017 and beyond. The parent request timeline will not be a part of this new process. Indicators and measures looked at tell us that the mix of students and the allocation of classes proved to be very productive for class teachers. Please be assured that any past history, class sociograms and documentation from parents is accessed to inform and support decisions made during this process.

Class lists will be available online from Friday 1 December (Week 8 of Term 4) ready for our Transition Morning on Monday 4 December at 11.15am. This is a time when our classes for 2018 meet for the first time in the classroom with their class teacher allocated for 2018.

Tabloid Sports Carnival – Friday 13 October 2017

The annual Tabloid Sports Carnival will take place on the first week back of Term 4, on Friday 13 October 2017. Please click on the link below to find out everything you need to know about the carnival.

Interschool Athletics Carnival

Our sporting association has decided to make some changes to the format for the Interschool Athletics Carnival. This year the carnival will be held on one day, Friday 20 October, rather than over two days. This means Thursday 19 October will not be an Interschool Athletics Carnival date as listed on our school calendar at the beginning of the year. Team games such as Running Tunnel Ball and Leaderball won’t be a part of the Interschool Carnival this year, which will just have more traditional athletic events, eg running, jumps, throws and baton relays. The team games will still be a part of our school based Tabloid Carnival.

Catholic Performing Arts Festival

One Big Voice Concert


Grandparent’s Day Mass

All grandparents are warmly invited to attend our Grandparent’s Day Mass next Thursday, 14 September at 9.00am. This will be followed by morning tea in the hall and the opportunity to look at our Visual Art Display and visit classrooms.

Social Justice Committee

A huge thank you to everyone who supported our Toiletries Drive for Shopfront during the month of October. These donations will be delivered to Shopfront during the week.

On Monday and Friday mornings you will notice members of the Year 6 Social Justice Committee ‘meeting and greeting’ students and their parents at the three entrances to the school. Please say hello to them, they are proudly wearing their Social Justice badges.

First Holy Communion

The SACRAMENT OF FIRST HOLY COMMUNION will be celebrated over the three weekends of 9 and 10; 16 and 17; 23 and 24 September. A reminder to parents to come early to register and find reserved seating.

Please keep these children in your prayers as they take this next step in their initiation in our Catholic Faith.

Parish News

For Parish information and dates please click on the following link: