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Newsletter 15 – Week 10, Term 3 - Wednesday 20 September 2017

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Code of Conduct Continued

As of 1 January 2017, all Catholic schools are required to have a Code of Conduct. The purpose of which is to describe minimum standards of conduct in all behaviour and decision making to ensure the safety and well-being of students. This Code applies to all staff, students, volunteers, parents and guardians as applicable. The term ‘parents’ includes guardians.

Breaches of the Code must be notified to the Principal and it is a breach of the Code not to do so.

Each newsletter going forward, contains information about these statements. Please take a moment to read Statements 7 and 8 below:

Conduct Statement 9

You promote and preserve the trust and privilege inherent in your relationship with all members of the school community.


  • You promote and preserve the trust inherent in your relationship with students and with their parents.
  • You recognise that an inherent power imbalance exists within your relationship with students that may make the students and their family vulnerable and open to exploitation. You actively preserve the dignity of all people through practised kindness and by recognising the potential vulnerability and powerlessness of each student and their family. You recognise that the power relativities between you and a student can be significant, particularly where the student is very young, has a disability, a difficult family background, has cultural differences, or experiencing emotional turmoil. This vulnerability creates a power differential in your relationship with students that must be recognised and managed with care.
  • You take reasonable measures to establish a sense of trust to protect the physical, psychological, emotional, social and cultural well-being of each student. You protect students who are vulnerable, including but not limited to students with disability, from exploitation and harm.
  • You have a responsibility to maintain appropriate boundaries with students and to actively support other adults to do likewise, including bringing to their attention any failure to do so.
  • You may have personal or recreational relationships outside your school role with students’ families and friends, or with school staff. You are aware that dual relationships may compromise student care and well-being.
  • You do not engage in any behaviour with a student that could be interpreted by a reasonable person as being a friendship.
  • You do not engage in any behaviour with a student that a reasonable person could interpret as creating an opportunity to engage in emotional, physical or sexual intimacy with a student.
  • You recognise that the power imbalance between you and students means that the onus is on you to avoid any ambiguity or misunderstanding by a student or third party about your intent in your behaviour towards them.
  • You understand that the power imbalance between you and students means a student is unable to give their consent to engaging in emotional, physical or sexual intimacy with you, regardless of the legal age of consent, or the student’s age or maturity. You must therefore not seek nor rely on such express or implied consent from a student to engage in an intimate relationship.
  • You understand that the power imbalance between you and students may continue to influence students’ choices beyond the date when they cease to be students at your school. You must therefore not engage in emotional, physical or sexual intimacy with a former student within two years of them ceasing enrolment at your school, or them turning 21, whichever occurs latest.
  • You take all reasonable steps to ensure the safety and security of the possessions and property of students and their families that are in your care.
  • You do not knowingly mislead parents or make misrepresenting statements to them, or withhold information relevant to their ability to make informed decisions about their children unless required by law.
  • You recognise that there may be rare exceptions to full disclosure to parents. Such disclosure of information may compromise law enforcement or other risk management processes, or the privacy and reputation of those involved. You seek legal or other expert advice in resolving such situations, recognising that parents have the right to know about any risk to their children.

Conduct Statement 10

You maintain and build on the community’s trust and confidence in Catholic schools and the Church.


  • Your conduct maintains and builds public trust and confidence in your school, other members of the school community, and the Church.
  • Your unlawful and unethical actions in your personal life risk adversely affecting both your own and the school’s reputation in the eyes of the public. If the good standing of either you or the school was to diminish, this might jeopardise the inherent trust between the school and parents, as well as the community more generally, necessary for effective relationships and the best education of students.
  • You notify the Principal of your involvement in any criminal investigation or other legal process that may undermine trust and confidence in your judgement or care of students.
  • You consider the interests of the school and the Church when exercising your right to freedom of speech and participating in public, political and academic debate, including publication.
  • You never place the reputation of the school above the safety and well-being of students.

1:1 Device Project

For some time now here at SSP you would have been hearing about the introduction of a device into Year 4 beginning in 2018. Please see our visual timeline attached that displays our journey so far. Currently our Year 3 cohort are engaged in the process of setting this up for introduction into Year 4. It has been a slow process with staff also engaged in training and upskilling. All staff have been given a laptop computer and opportunities every Thursday for the last 2 years after school to take part in after school training sessions.

Why are we doing this?


We are implementing a 1:1 device program to:

  • Implement the mandated Western Australian Technologies Curriculum
  • Increase student engagement - accelerator for Deep Learning
  • Complement project-based learning in the classroom
  • Provide opportunities for collaboration and critical thinking
  • Ensure that NAPLAN online is a measure of students’ literacy and numeracy not their computer literacy competencies
  • Broaden learning beyond the classroom to complement passion projects
  • Prepare students to be successful 21st Century Learners
  • Equip students with the knowledge and skills needed for success in a rapidly evolving and uncertain world.

SSP cannot continue to sustain the purchasing of iPads and other devices every three years. Handwriting skills will continue to be taught and use of paper and pencil will still happen. On any given day a classroom would engage with a device for no more than 2 hours and on some days no time at all would be spent on devices.


Departure Notification

Are you leaving SSP at the end of this year? If you have a child in a class other than Year 6 and you won’t be returning to SSP in 2018, you are required to advise us by no later than this Friday 22 September, as there are a number of families on our waiting lists requiring places. These details can be emailed to

The school’s policy states any student leaving the school needs to provide a term’s notice in writing, addressed to the Principal. Failure to provide sufficient notice may mean you will be liable to pay fees for Term 1 2018.


Term 4 Calendar

After School Pick Up – Change of Arrangements for Term 4

From the start of Term 4 students who need to be picked up from the grounds of Prendiville College after school will have new arrangements put in place. This change has occurred because of on-going concerns with the behaviour of some of our students, as well as the safety and supervision of students whilst waiting at Prendiville College. Whilst we have had a dedicated SSP teacher on duty over at Prendiville College until 3.15pm each day, in recent times problems have been reported after this teacher has completed their duty and returned to SSP.

Repeated communications and warnings to parents about leaving their child (as young as 8 years of age) in unsupervised areas away from the SSP school site have not been acknowledged, so we need to execute our duty of care to our students by making these changes. We have also discovered that students are going over to Prendiville College to be with friends and then walking home or returning to SSP to be picked up. We also have students who catch the bus home waiting at Prendiville College instead of at the bus stop and several examples of students making a detour from their normal route when walking home. We have also had some of our senior students trespass inside the grounds of the College which is prohibited by Prendiville.

The arrangements for Term 4 are as follows. Students needing to be picked up from Prendiville College, and not using our own Kiss n Ride arrangements, will wait in the Sacred Space area at SSP under supervision until 3.15pm and then proceed to walk over to Prendiville College via the pedestrian crossing. There will no longer be SSP students accessing the grassed areas at the front of Prendiville College until after 3.15pm. Any students found at Prendiville before 3.15pm will be returned to SSP and their parents will be contacted. This means that these students, as well as any reports of misbehaviour after 3.15pm (from the start of Term 4 by SSP students), will result in them having to be picked up from SSP for the rest of their time at SSP.

Visual Arts Display

Our Visual Arts Display last week was a huge success and we thank everyone for their contributions in helping to make it such a lovely showcase of the wonderful creativity of our students.

We have received lots of great comments and welcome any feedback for the future running of such displays.

2017 Visual Arts Display
2017 Visual Arts Display
Click images to enlarge

Catholic Performing Arts Festival Concert

The Catholic Performing Arts Festival Concert was held on Monday, 11 September, at Perth Concert Hall where we were presented with our Christian Dance Shield. Kiara and Zahra represented us beautifully. They were gorgeous!! This certainly was a great concert showcasing some of the award recipients from the seven weeks of Catholic Performing Arts. Well done.

Tabloid Sports Carnival – Friday 13 October 2017

The school tabloid carnival will be held on Friday 13 October, the first Friday in Term 4. Students from Pre Primary to Year 6 will be involved in a number of group based and individual sporting contests throughout the day, all with the purpose of helping their team to win the House Shield. Students are preparing for the carnival this term and Interschool Athletics selections are based on performances in PE lessons and at the Tabloid Carnival. Some parent help is required on carnival day so if you are able to assist please email Mr Thompson on with the times that you are available.

Please click on the link below to access the updated amended information in relation to the carnival.

Indonesian News – Term 3 2017


Parish News

For Parish information and dates please click on the following link:

Ministry of the Sisters of St Joseph of the Sacred Heart