School Improvement Plan

The school improvement plan has originated from the director of CEO Tim McDonald using the LEAD Acronym. As a staff we developed SMART goals for each area of the Acronym LEAD. SMART goals are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timed.

All staff have worked together to establish these goals in 2018.



By the end of 2018:


The majority of the 3 Year Old children will recognise the initial letter of their name, as well as the sound that letter makes.


60% of students will be able to verbally identify the initial sound of a word.

Pre Primary

70% of students will achieve the beginning writing checklist for Key Links.

Year 1

75% of students will be at or above their chronological spelling age based on the SA spelling test.

Year 2

75% of students will show a positive effect size in Place Value, using a teacher made test based on Year 2 SCSCA content descriptors.

Year 3

80% of students will improve or maintain the scaled score in PAT-R comprehension reflected in a positive effect size from February to September 2018.

Year 4

90% of students will have a positive effect size (improvement in raw score) for comprehension in PAT-R Comprehension.

Year 5

75% of the cohort will have an increase of 0.4 effect size in grammar / punctuation ACER testing.

All of the cohort will have growth of 0.4 effect size or above in spelling ACER testing.

Year 6

75% of the cohort will have an increase of 0.4 effect size in grammar / punctuation ACER testing. 

 75% of the students who are below their chronological spelling age will improve their spelling age result by at least one year.

Catherine Centre

60% of the students to use ‘I can’ statements for Literacy and Numeracy for their success criteria by putting their names on a traffic light system.

Physical Education (PE)

To improve our school's performance in the 2018 Interschool Cross Country Carnival, from 6th place out of twenty-two schools with a score of 874 points in 2017.


To increase the amount of A grades given, to at least 5% of the cohort in Year 2 in Semester 1.


Maintain or improve an 80% pass rate of two out of three belt reviews in the blackbelt recorder book by the end of Year 4. 


90% of support students in Year 1-3 will either maintain or increase their text reading level after the completion of a program. 


10% of students in Yr 3 receive an A in Semester 1.



By the end of 2018 SSP will have a Sustainability Centre.



By the end of 2018 SSP will Implement a Positive Learning Framework.




By the end of semester 1 to develop a school wide approach for the delivery of a weekly staff and student focus in Christian Meditation.