St Simon Peter Catholic Primary school is committed to providing a Christ-centred and nurturing educational setting for young children and their families. Our integrated, holistic approach to teaching and learning fosters each child's spiritual, emotional, physical, social and cognitive wellbeing. We live our school motto of Love One Another by showing care, respect and compassion towards others and ourselves.

We build collaborative relationships with our children and families. Our partnership is based on open communication that guides children to achieve their potential. At St. Simon Peter, we recognise the connections between children, families and communities, and the importance of these relationships. Staff and families celebrate each child’s God-given gifts and foster individuality. The rights and best interests of the child underpin all practice and educational needs are met in equitable and developmentally appropriate ways.

Children learn, explore and make choices as they experience their world. Our programs strive to incorporate play and inquiry-based learning, underpinned by intentional teaching where educators are deliberate, purposeful and thoughtful in their decisions and actions. Educators use their understanding of each child’s development and strengths to build upon existing knowledge, promote ongoing learning and provide authentic learning experiences. Our inclusive learning environments are developmentally appropriate and aim to engage children in critical and creative thinking, problem solving and exploration in a meaningful context. Educational experiences are authentic and designed to foster a love of learning. We promote a culture of resilience and persistence to encourage skills required to be an active member in the twenty-first century. Opportunities to engage with sustainable practices are provided throughout our school. Our educators are dedicated to their own learning and model the role of the learner to our students.