To meet our community’s needs, we have an onsite Outside School Hours Care (OSHC) Service. The Service provides care for children in Kindy to Year 6 and offers a range of Services.

Before School Care operates: 6:30am – 9:00am
After School Care operates: 2:30pm – 6:00pm
Vacation Care operates: 6:30am – 6:00pm



Our program operates within the Catholic ethos of the school offering a play and leisure-based program.

Our program includes everything that happens during the day including our routines and transitions. Educators implement the Early Years Learning Framework and My Time Our Place Framework for School Aged Children. The frameworks acknowledge the importance of exploration, play and leisure in children’s learning and development and that their learning is not limited to any time or place. Developing life skills and a sense of enjoyment are emphasised through the framework and reflected in our program. The frameworks recognise the importance of communication, language, social and emotional development. The framework ensures children have opportunities to engage in leisure and play-based experiences, which are responsive to their needs, interests, and choices.

By learning through play, we provide children with the opportunity to learn about the world around them and to develop a sense of self. Planned experiences are based off observations of children and designed to extend your child’s likes and interests and provide opportunities to develop new skills.

We aim to provide a physically safe and emotionally secure environment, where your child can explore, socialise and expand their interests through a variety of artistic, physical and social experiences and interactions with their peers.

Our experienced and trained Educators provide an interactive and fun program that respects children choice. Our Service provides a place where children play, relax and pursue their interests in a safe, caring and stimulating environment.

At our OSHC (before and after school care) we operate Junior and Senior programs to support the various interests and needs of the children in each space.

Junior OSHC: Kindy - Year 2
Senior OSHC: Year 3 - Year 6

Operating smaller programs allows for greater relationship building and a home like feel. Having separate programs also allows Educators to tailor environments and experiences to specific age and skill groups and for children to be able to engage in age-appropriate experiences in smaller groups.


Prior to commencement at our OSHC, you will receive an enrolment pack. This includes all the necessary paperwork required by the Service. To enrol your child, you are required to complete and sign the Enrolment Form and provide the supporting documents. The completed forms must be returned to the Service prior to commencing care. The details required on the Enrolment Form are needed by our Educators to help them take the best possible care of your child. It is also a legal licensing requirement. All information is strictly confidential.


  • Submit a completed enrolment form ensuring that the Customer Reference Numbers (CRN) for the child and claiming parent have been supplied.
  • Provide all required documentation, e.g. child’s birth certificate, immunisation record, custodial papers, court orders, medical conditions plans etc.
  • Book a tour or orienataion session with the Service if you would like, prior to your child’s first day
  • Sign the Complying Written Agreement (CCS requirement).
  • Confirm your enrolment at St Simon Peter OSHC and attendnace pattern on your myGov account to ensure your receive your Child Care Subsidy.


Our fees are reviewed on an annual basis by our Finance Committee and based on a Not-for-Profit Structure. All our programs are approved for Child Care Subsidy to support families with the cost of care.

Child Care Subsidy CCS is calculated using:

  • Your combined family income
  • The level of ‘activity’
  • The Service’s hourly rate

A broad range of activities will meet the activity test requirements, including paid work, being self-employed, doing unpaid work in the family business, studying and volunteering.

CCS is paid directly to the Service and applied to your fees. Families are then required to pay the gap fee.

For more information on Child Care Subsidy, please visit the Australian Government website: Child Care Subsidy - Services Australia

For a current fee structure, please contact the Service: 


Vacation Care is offered during School holidays and on pupil free days. Vacation Care offers a variety of incursions, excursions and themed in-house days. The program for Vacation Care is available from week 8 of each term. Families can book in for their required days using the My Family Lounge App.



Phone: 9301 6857
Facebook: SSP ELC & OSHC | Facebook

We welcome you to come in for a tour to discuss your family’s needs.
Please contact the Service for further information on enrolling into one of our programs