School Advisory Council

The School Advisory Council (previously the School Board) consists of the Parish Priest, the Principal, a Friends of SSP representative, a Parish representative and up to four representatives elected from the school community.

The Advisory Council has a very valuable role in actively contributing to and enriching both the Catholic ethos and informed, proper governance of the school.

The Advisory Council:

  • Acts as a support and ‘sounding board’ for the Principal

  • Advises the Principal regarding school financial matters, such as financial performance against budget, sustainability and recurrent and capital funding

  • Endorses the Principal’s annual school budget (including tuition fees and charges) before submission to CECWA for approval

  • Provides panel membership on Principal appointment recommendation, in accordance with CECWA policy

  • Provides planning and development advice to the Principal on meeting the present and future needs of the school’s students, and

  • Disseminates information within the school community.

The Council meets on a Tuesday at the end of each month during term at 6.30 pm.

In representing the Catholic School community, our School Advisory Council is to actively promote and support the Catholic ethos of the school. Its members are elected parent volunteers. When a position becomes vacant, nominations are called for from the school community and members are elected at the Annual Community Meeting held in November each year. All parents and interested community members are welcome to attend this meeting and you are encouraged to consider serving on the Council as a way of supporting the school.

Catholic School Advisory Council Transitional Terms of Reference

Catholic School Board Constitution