Our Philosophy

What do we believe in?


Our Philosophy is developed collaboratively with educators, children, families, management and community determining a set of values and beliefs in regard to early childhood education.

Our service philosophy is a living document that reflects the knowledge, beliefs and values of our educators, children, families and the wider community. The Centre Vision is the overarching statement that supports and shapes our service.

We acknowledge that the rights of the child are to be upheld in our daily practice, routines, experiences and events. This includes evaluating daily practice, the timing of routines, the development of programs and the organisation of staff.

We acknowledge that children are competent and capable learners, and come to us with knowledge, skills and unique ways of being.

Our learning environments reflect a holistic approach to learning and provide endless opportunities and possibilities that support children’s wellbeing and learning.

Our environment is designed to empower and support children to actively engage in co-constructing their journey. ​

Our Philosophy

At St Simon Peter Early Learning Centre, we believe it takes a village to raise a child and view ourselves as a part of your village. We create this sense of community by caring for the whole family, through our relationships and environments. We strive to be a home away from home, where everyone feels a sense of belonging. 

We believe that families are children’s first and foremost influential teachers. Our partnership is based on the foundation of understanding each other’s expectations and strong two-way communication. Our strong partnership builds on each other’s strengths and knowledge. 

We believe that secure, respectful and reciprocal relationships provide children with a secure base for exploration and learning. We believe that children should develop connections and relationships with their community and being based within the grounds of St Simon Peter CPS, it creates a natural transition for children and families into our school. We live our school motto of Love One Another by showing care, respect and empathy to ourselves, everyone who comes into our Centre and to the world around us. 

We recognise children as confident and capable learners. This is shown in our environments as they create a sense of wonder; encouraging children to investigate, and explore. Our environments are warm and nurturing to empower children, build on their sense of self confidence, resilience and provide opportunities for children to co-learn from their peers, while developing their independence and sense of agency. 

We believe that children learn best through play, when they are interested, curious and motivated. Therefore, our program and environments are based on a child-centerd approach and built from children’s ideas, skills, and strengths. We have high expectations of children’s learning and believe learning is a lifelong process. Our educators work alongside children to co- construct and scaffold their learning through a play based approach to learning. 

Our philosophy is underpinned by the ECA Code of Ethics, UN Rights of the Child, Early Years Learning Framework and National Quality Framework.